Welcome former RWD#1 customers

Rural Water District No. 2 would like to share some exciting news as we welcome patrons formerly with Rural Water District No. 1 into our system.  Through a joint effort of our two systems, Rural Water District No. 1 is merging into Rural Water District 2! This transition will not affect our current customers. We would like to share some important information to our new customers:

  • Welcome packets are in the process of being mailed out.
  • Each welcome packet contains general District information, as well as automatic payment forms.
  • More information is also available on our website.

New customers will be assigned new custom account numbers once the transition is complete. Those new account numbers will enable you to set up an account through our website, to view account information, or make payments with credit/debit cards.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best service possible. Please share this with anyone who may be affected by this transition. If you have any questions, please contact the District Office at 913-783-4325, Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm.

Click here  to see a boundary map:  Miami#2_Base-Miami #1

Sandra Morgan Retires

(Pictured: Sandra Morgan and Board Chairman Lyle Wobker)

On Thursday, July 29, 2022, Board Chairman Lyle Wobker presented Sandra Morgan with an award for her service to the District. Sandra has been an integral part of the front office, working with the customers, field technicians, and meter readers. Congratulations to Sandra Morgan on her retirement from Rural Water District No. 2 after 31 years.

Water News

We are aware of this unfortunate incident at a water treatment plant in Florida.   Miami County Rural Water District No 2 does NOT control our chemical feed systems through our plant computer and SCADA system.  All feeds are purposely adjusted manually to remove this potential.  We believe our system and facility is highly secure.  We are, however, reviewing our electronic systems for possibly vulnerability to criminal activity and other mischief.  Contact the district office by phone or email if you have concerns or other questions.



Informative Documents for Public Meeting on May 18, 2020

Please use the following link for information that will be addressed at the Public Meeting on May 18, 2020:

Click Here:

 Miami RWD 2 Public Meeting Handout Revised 042220



Big Changes for RWD#2

Phase 1                                                                      Phase 2                                                                    Phase 3



Beginning the first quarter of 2021, RWD#2 patrons will begin to see big changes at the RWD 2 water treatment plant. During 2018, the treatment plant reached 85% of its production capacity. RWD#2 has been working with our engineers this past year designing a three-phase, multi-year construction project. The estimated cost of the project is $28 million and will bring our production capacity from six million gallons per day to an eventual twelve million gallons per day. Phase 1 and 2 will be completed over two to four years and Phase 3 will be completed in five to eight years.
Phase 1 was prioritized to address site modifications, process water treatment and raw water pretreatment. This includes building a pre-sedimentation basin to provide detention for “pre-treatment” to the raw water. This will help solve the challenges we’ve faced with our raw water quality from last year’s flooding. A new dual cell discharging settling pond will also be designed and permitted to replace existing lagoons, providing an expanded system for the additional process waste streams.
Phase 2 was developed to improve disinfection practices, increase in storage and match the pumping capacity to the distribution system. This will include a concrete below ground chlorine contact basin, dual clear well, wet well, disinfection systems and high service pumps. These improvements will address other known issues that will improve disinfection stability during the hot months. An improvement will be seen with the construction of a three million gallons underground tank. We will eliminate the current on-site one million gallon above ground storage tank. The new clear well complex will provide the operators with flexible options for providing disinfection as needed, thus improving water quality by minimizing the effects of Disinfection By-Products.
Phase 3 will expand the water treatment capacity from 6 to 12 MGD by adding a duplicate treatment process parallel to the existing. The process will generally include a chemical feed building, presedimentation basin, pulsating clarifiers and filters. This system will provide real redundancy during average demand times and additional treatment capacity as the service area grows. The site was managed in such a way that the plant will be able to undergo a similar upgrade in the future if the need ever arises.
In preparation for the plant upgrade, RWD#2 worked on completing an intake improvement project with a new larger intake pump, three new variable frequency drive controllers, three new intake screens and zebra mussel control. The variable frequency drive controllers, or vfds, are designed to reduce our electricity costs which can reach $30,000 per month during the summer. Zebra mussels are a new issue facing Hillsdale and are aquatic nuisances that can clog intake structures. New copper ion generating equipment has been installed to control their attachment to our equipment.
Your water rates increased last July by $.50/1,000 gallons, the first increase since 1984. As our wholesale customers’ contracts renew, the $.50/1,000 gallons increase will be added to their cost as well. RWD 2 has been debt free since 2010 when the board decided to pay the district’s debt off ten years early. It is our goal to consistently provide the highest quality water leaving our plant at the most economical rate to our customers. The phased approach is also designed for efficiency and to meet the future needs of our customers.

Sandra Morgan 25 Years of Service

Rural Water District No. 2, Miami County, July 21, 2016

RWD #2 Chairman Jim Dycus presented Sandra Morgan with a plaque and gift card for 25 years of service at an employee luncheon in her honor on July 21, 2016.











RWD #2 Staff attend luncheon in honor of Sandra Morgan's 25 years of service.

RWD #2 Staff attend luncheon in honor of Sandra Morgan’s 25 years of service.

Jerry Bennett Honored for 25 Years of Service

Board of Directors Meeting, Rural Water District No. 2, Miami County, July 11, 2016

Jerry Bennett was honored at the July 11, 2016 Board meeting for 25 years of service.  Jerry started work at Rural Water 2 in July of 1991 as General Manager.  He currently still holds that position.  He has been a vital part in the District’s continual success.  The Board presented him with a watch for his dedication and service.

Jim Bracken Retires

Board of Directors Meeting, Rural Water District No. 2, Miami County, December 14, 2015

Jim Bracken retired from the Board in October 2015.  He served on the Board for a total of 35 years.  Board Chairman Jim Dycus presented Jim with a plaque of appreciation at the Board of Directors monthly meeting, December 14, 2015.  Board member Alan Hire designed the Brass Faucet Plaque.

KACEE Family Fun Day!

Rural Water District No. 2, Miami County, March 17, 2015



Are you looking for a fun and educational adventure for the whole family? Are you curious about your
community’s water resources? Would you like for your kids to know where water comes from and where
it goes after it goes down the drain?

Your family is invited to enjoy a day of learning about and celebrating water. Your kids will have so much
fun, they won’t even know they are learning. You will take home a free rain barrel and an in-depth
understanding of how communities and families can work together to ensure a clean and safe water supply.

Kansas Association for Conservation & Environmental Education (KACEE), Hillsdale Area Water Cooperative (HAWC)

& Hillsdale Watershed Restoration & Protection Strategy (WRAPS) are sponsoring this FREE event, which includes:

  • Fun games & family activities to learn about the water cycle, watersheds, storm water, lawn/garden care & more!
  • Pizza party lunch and water jeopardy game with fabulous prizes.
  • Free rain barrel for kids to decorate while parents lean about community water resources.
  • Ice cream social and fun educational exhibits from local natural resource partners.

To Register, complete the Registration Form Here

For more information visit http://www.kacee.org/workshop-schedule or contact Laura at 785-532-3322 ldowney@kacee.org


Carl Hartley Retires

Board of Directors Meeting, Rural Water District No. 2, Miami County, December 8, 2014

Carl Hartley, legal counsel for Rural Water District No. 2 retires. Carl has advised and represented the District in its legal matters for 37 years. Board Chairman Jim Dycus presented Carl with a plaque of appreciation at the Board of Directors monthly meeting, December 8, 2014.