Welcome to RWD#2!

Welcome to RWD#2!

Please review the following for helpful information that may assist any new customers to become acquainted with our District.

RWD#2 emails/mails new billing statements on the last business day of each month. When you begin service, you will automatically be set up to receive paper statements. If you would like to change to E-bills, you will need to contact the office, or fill out the bottom of your statement to request it. You can only receive paper or E-bill, we are not able to send both out at this time.

The due date is always the 16th of the month and is the same for all customers.

Late notices are mailed out on the 20th of each month with a disconnect date set for the following month. If at any time you need to make a payment arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact the District Office. Also, if you receive a late notice, and have previously mailed a payment, please contact the office to verify receipt, or to determine if the payment may have been lost enroute.

We offer recurring payment withdrawals each month, which are sent to our bank between the 14th-16th. You would still receive your monthly statement and only the amount due is withdrawn.  The form is available on our website, by mail, and one is included in your welcome packet. (**Please note: If you were formerly a RWD#1 customer, the last time a payment will be withdrawn from the RWD#1 system will be the July 2023 billing. After that time, no more payments will be sent through their system. You will need to submit a new form to RWD#2.) If you have any questions regarding your autopayment status, please contact us.

Payments can be made by mail, online through our website (you can register an account or use Quick Pay) using a credit/debit card, or you can also call in and pay over the phone using a credit/debit card or ach-check. There is a service fee for paying online or over the phone that is charged by the third-party company that processes the payments. Using an ach-check payment is $0.65 cents and cards are roughly a 3% service fee based on the amount being paid.

The District Office will attempt to contact you for multiple reasons, such as: in the event of a leak repair, work occurring in your area, if your account is past due and pending turn off, or if your account shows a higher-than-normal consumption once we receive the readings from our meter readers. Please make sure we have your current contact phone number and/or email on file. We do not share your information with anyone, and it is only used for RWD#2 purposes.