Rates & Fees

Monthly Minimum Charge: $22.00
Usage – $5.00/per 1,000 gallons

Over the Phone Payment Service Fees:

  • ACH Check Payment- $0.65 cents
  • Credit Card Payments- 2.75%(of payment amount) + $0.30 cents

Online Payment Fees: 

  • Credit Card Payments- 2.75%(of payment amount) + $0.30 cents

Returned Payment Fees:

  • Returned Check- $25.00
  • Returned Online Payments- $27.00
  • Returned Monthly Recurring Payment- $27.00

Late Fees– 15% charge of amount due if not paid by the 16th of the month

Lock off fee for nonpayment– $75.00

Transfer Fee(Non-Refundable)-$25.00

**Transfer Fee applies to new landowners and new tenants

New Meter Subscription Fee– $5,500 (applies to rights to the water for standard meter only)

***New meter subscription fee does not include any estimated road crossings, line extensions, upgrades or reimbursements. All new meter subscription applications must have a current Pressure and Flow Test on file. There is no charge for a Pressure and Flow Test, and they are valid for 60 days.  Please contact the District Office to request one.