**************************************************************************************************************Board Meeting Time Change

RWD #2 Board of Directors changed the time the monthly meetings will come to order.  During the spring and summer months of April through September the regular monthly meetings will start at 7:00 pm.  During the fall and winter months of October through March the regular monthly meetings will start at 6:00 pm.  The meeting date remains the second Monday of each month.


GO Green = No Papers-No Clutter

The District offers two options for electronic payments.   You can pay online at the District’s website: or you can sign up for automatic payment withdrawal.

The District also offers electronic statements via email or email notifications. Example Notifications are: High Usage, Water Outages, or Construction in Your Area. You can sign up for email notifications and still receive paper statements.


2020 Consumer Confidence Report

The 2020 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is now available on the District’s website.  Please click on the green tab to the left “Consumer Confidence Report” and the 2020 CCR will upload.  The 2020 CCR can also be accessed by clicking on the gray “Documents Tab” above and the clicking 2020 CCR.  If you like a hard copy of the 2020 CCR please contact the District Office at 913-783-4325.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the CCR you can contact Jerry Bennett at 913-783-4325.


RWD #2 To Use Free Chlorine

The District will temporarily discontinue using combined chlorine on June 15, 2020.  Instead, free chlorine will be used for up to thirty days.  This is part of the District’s annual maintenance program.  Patrons may notice a stronger than usual chlorine taste and smell to the water.  This is only temporary and is necessary to “burn out” the system to kill certain “nitrifying” bacteria that do not show up on the routine sampling.  These bacteria are not harmful to humans or animals.  They tend to cause slime growths within the waterlines and create a higher than normal demand on chlorine, thus lowering disinfection properties.

The chlorine taste may linger after the free chlorine has been discontinued.  Some areas may not notice the taste difference for up to three weeks after this treatment change.  In some cases, there may be some natural soluble iron and manganese present in the waterlines.  Free chlorine may further oxidize these substances.  If you notice off-colored water, call the District office and we will flush in your area.

Your water will continue to be safe to use and drink!


Masks Encouraged

The District Office remains open to the public. We encourage all patrons who visit the office to please wear a mask and maintain social distancing guidelines. If you need a mask, we can provide one for you. If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, we ask that you please refrain from coming into the office. A drop box is located near the front doors. Any payments, completed forms, or applications can also be left in there. If you have any questions, please call 913-783-4325.

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